Make it your own

You can take an older home and make it your own. But where do you start? Where do you put your money? How much is it going to cost?

You can picture your dream home, but you have questions about the renovation process. You feel like you can avoid common renovation mistakes. You’re willing to roll-up your sleeves and manage some parts of the bidding and construction management yourself. But you don't know where to start. We'll provide the roadmap and the right tools so you can avoid common renovation mistakes. The Renovator's Toolkit is your roadmap to easier renovations.

Navigate home renovation with less stress and costly rework

After this course you will learn

  • Your renovation roadmap

    As a homeowner, know how to navigate the process and where to spend your time. This course will take you how to navigate your project's design, bidding and build.

  • Where to put your money

    Actionable insights and tools for comparing renovation proposals and bids, evaluating your choices, and making well-informed decisions related to your project.

  • How much stuff costs

    Can I even afford this? Start building an estimate. Use a plug n' play project cost calculator to start building your estimate.

  • Know what you want

    Build a wish list. Zero-in on your must haves. If you can't achieve these things, you wouldn't go forward with the project.

  • Compare proposals and bids

    Don't assume each proposal or bid is offering you the same thing. You'll get a plug-n-play spreadsheets to compare proposals to figure out which proposals you can trust and where there are gaps.

  • How to work with contractors

    Establish and maintain a great working relationship with your contractor with a recipe for great project communication and establishing a systems for addressing your concerns.

  • Avoid wasteful rework

    Don't pay for something twice. Know what you want from the beginning before construction begins. Changes are much easier on paper than during construction.

  • Find an architect that's a great fit

    It will be easier to get designs you love and you will be happier with the results if you choose an architect and designer that share you style and vision.

  • This isn't my dream house

    You may have done enough homework to know that the term "dream house" is a sham. The reality is you have a budget. Renovator's Toolkit will help you make the most of it.

  • The Go / No Go Formula

    After you get a solid estimate, ask yourself: does this make sense? Use the Go / No-Go Formula and calculator to you help you decide whether to move forward - or not.

  • Getting a fixed price

    A firm-fixed price contract is essential to getting certainty around project costs. Renovator's Toolkit will help you define your project in details so you don't leave things to time and materials.

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Begin planning today. Define, plan and estimate your project before you spend thousands of dollars on design.

Bonus material

Complete your design with thoughtful details.

  • Avoid paint color regret

    Simple, practical tips for choosing paint colors.

  • Complete your design with beautiful landscape

    Keep your landscape from being an afterthought and develop a plan for completing your homes exterior.

Coming Soon - Dream Home

Dream Home is available for pre-order today. Check out the founding member-only bonuses. Limited seats available.


  • What will I get inside the Renovator's Toolkit?

    You'll get instant access to a members portal to the training. One module will become available per week for 6 weeks. You'll get: - A design process roadmap from the homeowners perspective. - Actionable strategies for creating, and communicating your wish list. - An interactive game for prioritizing your wish list. - A customizable Go / No-Go Formula - Project Estimation worksheets - Templates with questions you should as potential architect, contractor and their references. - The essential contract type for building transparency and certainty into your plan

  • I'm already in the middle of a renovation, is this course right for me?

    Problem solving and adjusting your plans is part of the process. Even if your plan is underway, you can benefit from the tools and methods that will get your project over the finish line.

  • Who is this course for?

    This course is for homeowners undertaking a large-scale home renovation looking to effectively plan and manage the process and hire qualified professionals and contractors to design and complete the work. It is not for homeowners that want to do everything themselves.

  • How long with this course take

    The course is designed to unfold over a 6 week period.

  • I don't have time for a course

    I understand your time is valuable and limited. The course videos are delivered in focused, brief videos so you can move through the course efficiently.

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